How to use Spanish Fly Pro?


Using Spanish Fly Pro is not rocket science. Simply add five to seven drops into any beverage. For maximum effectiveness it can be mixed with an alcoholic beverage. In a matter of minutes your partner should begin to feel the effect, and before you know it the two of you will be engaged in the most passionate sex that you have ever had.

There are regular sexual encounters, there are good ones, and then there are the deeply intense ones that make you experience that which you never thought was possible. Spanish Fly Pro is what is needed to lead to the latter.



73 couples were part of a test that was done for two weeks. The results were very positive with 94.3% reporting that the female partner had a noticeable increase in their sex drives and 91.9% of the females also noted that the intercourse was more pleasurable than normal. Sex was simply better, longer and more intense than normal.


Spanish Fly Pro raises a woman's sex drive, which also leads to increased lubrication of the vagina. Spanish Fly Pro also causes a heightened sensitivity to sexual stimulation and more blood flow to the vaginal area. These effects all help lead to increased pleasure for the female.

Sometimes sex lives can become dull and boring. You and your partner may have fallen into a predicament where sexual activity not only happens less often, but when it does occur, it happens in a routine kind of way. Spanish Fly Pro can not only make it so you have sex more often, but it can also add a new zest to it. Relationships that may have seemed like they are at their end, can feel exciting and brand new all over again with help from Spanish Fly Pro.