Spanish Fly: Is new version effective?

You have probably heard  the saying that the world now revolves around sex. Well, we can easily strike out the word „now“, since the world has always revolved around sex and reproduction. Ever since the first men walked on earth, there have been many rituals and customs related to sexual behaviour and reproductive capabilities.

Thousands of years ago, men and women who didn’t have any offspring, tried all kinds of potions, spells and rituals to make them fertile. Today, more scientific methods are used, and not only to help people have children, but also to help them enjoy a better and more fulfilling sex life.

One of the best known aphrodisiac of all times is the Spanish Fly, which can be used on both men and women.

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If you want to know more, keep reading and discover the dark facts from history and find out how our product is so much better .

Spanish Fly – Info and Facts

Green beetle=Original Dangerous Spanish Fly
Here are some interesting facts about this beetle and its uses:

  • Spanish Fly is not a fly, nor is it Spanish. It is actually a beetle that belongs to the family Meloidae or Lytta vesicatoria, and it lives in some parts of Europe, Siberia and Asia.
  • All other blister beetles are called Spanish Fly as well. Also, many aphrodisiacs and other drugs that enhance sex drive and increase pleasure are also called by the same name, even if they are of herbal nature, such as the our product.
  • The real beetle based aphrodisiac works due to Cantharidin, which is a substance that can be obtained from blister beetles. It irritates the genitourinary tract, making the user feel like he/she is on fire and sexually aroused.
  • Cantharidin is a poison that can kill, if ingested even in small amounts. In fact, it has been used as a poison in history.
  • The insect is usually ground and taken as a powder, mixed with food.
  • Over time, the beetle has been used (and is still used) for several medical reasons – as an abortifacient, to raise blisters, as a stimulant, to treat warts, etc.
  • It goes unnoticed when added to food.
  • A North African jam, Dawamesk, sometimes includes cantharides among other spices in its recipe.
  • In ancient times, Chinese used the beetle together with wolfsbane, excrement and arsenic to create the first stink bomb in the world.


History of this Famous Aphrodisiac

Henry IV
This „love potion“ has been used for thousands ofyears, ever since Hippocrates used it to make plasters that would raise blisters. Around that time its „mating powers“ were also discovered and farmers started to use it on their animals to get them to mate.

Another use that it found was in poisons. Probably the most notorious case is the case of Aqua Della Toffania, which was a cosmetic product created and sold by Aquetta di Napoli, who included Cantharidin in her powder to help get the perfect complexion. Even if some women use it for this purpose, most did not, instead, they murdered their husbands. More than 800 men were murdered in Italy before Aquetta was captured and executed.

Soon it was discovered that ground beetle could also be used as an aphrodisiac and that it was an excellent tool to seduce men and cause sexual behaviour in women. Many women used it to get themselves in the beds and lives of powerful men who would secure their futures. Some of the most infamouse cases include:

  • The wife of Augustus Caesar, Livia, slipped some into the food of her guests to make them behave indiscreetly, so that she could later blackmail them.
  • In England, Henry IV consumed Spanish Fly to enhance his own sex life.
  • In the 17th century, Madame de Montespan used it to seduce the King of France, Louis XIV and became his favourite mistress (although, this may also be due to some spells, sacrifice of babies, and other witchcraft she allegedly was involved with).
  • Marquis de Sade (the creator of „sadism“) organized orgies with many prostitutes by having them consume a mixture of aphrodisiacs. Unfortunately, it didn’t end well as they all got sick and de Sade got charged for the crime and fled to Italy.

But the drug wasn’t only used by famous people. In fact, it was quite trendy back in the 18th century when French used cantharides to make pastilles Richelieu. Both men and women took it and they weren’t even bothered by the fact that there were many cases where people had suffered from bleeding of the anus, blisters in their mouth and throat, inflammation of the urethra, and some even died.

Fortunately for us, these days are now long gone.  Cantharidin is now banned for human use and is only used on animal mating. However, there are still some who believe that all they need to improve their love life is some Spanish Fly and they get it from black market.

Cantharidin on the Black Market

Like everything else that is banned/illegal but still has potential buyers, Cantharidin is still extracted in some places and offered for sale in the black market. Most of the aphrodisiacs made from real green beetle is produced in India and sold woldwide. It’s not even that hard to find and order online. Still, you should not attempt it, as the results can be terrible, ranging from simple skin irritation and blisters to haemorrhage and heart failure.

Instead, opt for the completely safe product, which is also called „Spanish Fly“, but which actually doesn’t contain Cantharidin and is in no way harmful, yet still providing the desired effect.

Our New and Most Powerful Product!

Spanish Fly Pro one bottleOur new Spanish Fly Pro  is 100% herbal and doesn’t have any beetle parts in it. It’s the best aphrodisiac available on the market today! It doesn’t require a prescription and you can buy it below with just a few clicks.

Both men and women can use it and it works equally great on both of them, although it has found more use in women. Since it is of herbal origin, all the ingredients are natural and side effect free. The only side effects you will see with this product is a more enjoyable love life, which is a welcomed effect.

Its ingredients and effect is clinically tested and the product is approved by both FDA and MHRA, which means guaranteed quality and safety.

Does Spanish Fly Pro Really Work and How To Use It?

Our magic aphrodisiac comes in a tiny bottle and all you need to do is to add a few drops into your drink. The effect can be felt in just a few minutes.

It is guaranteed to work, and work great! Numerous reviews and video testimonials posted online prove the same.
Remember, our product is FDA and MHRA approved
The formula consists of Canitis, Fructose, Melatonin and Water, the first three are known aphrodisiacs that have been used for thousands of years. Now they are combined to give you an even better boost in your sex drive. Here is what it can do for you.


  • Fast sexual response
  • Longer and more intense orgasms
  • Increased blood flow in genitals
  • Much higher sex drive


  • Better lubricated vagina
  • Much higher sex drive
  • Stronger orgasms, often more than one
  • Faster arousal and orgasms
  • Increased blood flow in genitals
  • Intense clitoral sensation
  • Better receptivity to touch

Now, doesn’t that sound much better than what you previously read about the green beetle, all its poisenour properties and dangers? If it’s still unclear…

…let’s Compare the Two

Cantharidin in the real Spanish Fly beetle

+ Works as an aphrodisiac, increasing blood flow into the genitals

– Illegal in most countries; today, only shady black market products can be obtained with questionable ingredients and quality

– Causes haemorrhage, itching, blisters and in worst cases, death

– Longtime regular use can cause genital deformity, especially in men, who will have trouble with urinating and intercourse

– Very expensive and you still don’t know if you got the real thing or not

Spanish Fly Pro

+ Completely legal and available without a prescription. Comes with FDA approval

+ Increases sexual appetite, promotes blood flow into the genital area, causes longer and stronger orgasms, makes you more sensitive to touch, improves overall sex life

+ Simple to use, just add a few drops to any liquid and drink

+ Easy to buy, simply place your order online

+ There are no known side effects

+ Works on males and females.

+ Affordable to buy

As you can see from the comparisons above,

Spanish Fly Pro greatly outweighs the other option

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There is no way why someone would opt to go and by the real ground beetle, when it is possible to get the same effect (or even better) with a herbal product that is safe, affordable and easy to use.

Bottom Line

As our review shows, Our product is the only recommended aphrodisiac as it is safe and does actually work, while Cantharidin is a potential poison that can cause a lot of harm.

If you want to significantly improve your sex life, buy Spanish Fly Pro!

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